8 traditional small villages
Crete island has many places to visit for the beautiful nature, the wonderful beaches, the wild mountains, the modern life of the island,  the shops, but if you want to meet the real Crete you have to spend time to visit small traditional villages. There you can see how real Cretans live, you can also learn about Cretan traditions and taste tradional Cretan food by the old ladies of the village. Explore 10 of this small traditional villages of Crete here and choose your next place to visit when you will be on Crete. 

1. Loutro

Loutro village is quite close to Chora Sfakia.
The acces to Loutro is still by boats, no cars are there.
The natural landscape is remarkable here.
Arround is are gorges mountans and quite beaches to visit.
Is almost 100 km from Chania city.

2. Agios Thomas

Is a small village near Heraklion city.
It is located 34 km from Herakleion city just 37 min by car.
With the steep high cliffs makes the view an idiotype landscape.

3. Anogia

Anogia is a village near Heraklion city.
It is located 39 km from Heraklion, 55 min by car.
It has 2450 inhabitants.
It is located near Ideon Cave, the place where Dias spent his youth, as mythology says.

4. Archanes

Is a village nearby Heraclion city.
It is located 16 km form Heraklion and 25 min driving.
The altitude in Archanes is 400 meters,

5. Fodele

Fodele is  a beautiful little village of 500 residents.
The locals have a traditional lifestyle despite the tourism development of the area.
It is located  32 km from Heraklion , 33 min by car.

6. Margarites

Margarites village is a small traditional village of Rethymno region.
It is famous for its pottery makers.
There are also very beautiful byzantine churches.
It is located 26 km from Rethymno, 37 min by car.

7. Paleochora

Paleochora is a nice place to visit.
It is located on the southwestern coast of the island.
If you want to spent your time on the beach is a good choice
It is 71 km away from Chania ,1hour and 20 min. by car.

8. Zaros

Zaros village is at an altitude of 340m.
The lake and the gorge nearby the village makes it one special place on Crete.
It is located 48.4 km from Heraklion, 1 hour by car.
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