Restaurants in Crete
Taste the real Cretan cuisine

Crete is famous for the traditional food and the Mediterranean tastes.
If you visit Crete, you will never forget the foods you will eat there.
Beautiful restaurants, with traditional food or not , but all off them , they have fresh products from all over Crete area.


-Try to avoid those restaurants that try to parsuade you to come inside. These are real touristy places in which often making money is more important than taking care of the guests.
-Find restaurants where most of the guests are Local people. There, most of the times you will taste the real Cretan couisine.
-During or just after a storm  it is impossible to have fresh fish.
-When you don't see any cats around a fish restaurant, be careful. Cats know exactly where to find fresh fish!!
-Try the ''mezethes'', when you get a chance. These are small smacks, served together with your drink. They are mostly served at ''cafenio'' ( coffee or raki houses), but sometimes you have to ask for them.
-Always ask for the daily (fresh) dishes.

                           Here are some of the restaurants, all over the island, you can have the Cretan food experience.

''Kali oreksi'' = enjoy your meal!!

Heraklion City

Ligo Krasi... ligo Thalassa



7 Thalasses

  1. Managing Director
    Ippokampos ''By the sea'' If you want to taste excellent sea food!! Address: Venizelou Sofokli 3, 71402, Heraklion Tel: 0030 281 028 0240
  2. Managing Director
    Peskesi ''In the center of Heraklion city'' The traditional taste of Crete!! Address: Kapetan Haralampi 6-8, Heraklion. Tel: 0030 281 028 8887
  3. Managing Director
    7 Thalasses Seafood and fish play the main role at 7 Thalasses restaurant and are distinguished by their quality, freshness and their masterly way they cooked. Address:Iraklitou & Irodotou 1, Nea Alikarnassos, Heraklion. Tel: 0030 281 034 2945
  4. Managing Director
    Ligo Krasi... Liga Thalassa Attentive and tasty dishes, separate dishes, a variety of wines, ouzo or raki, fast service and very reasonable prices we guarantee the enjoyment you out. Lohagou Marineli Ioanni & Mitsotaki Square 18 Agglon, Heraklion, Tel: +30 2810 300501

Chania perfecture

Filoxenia in Elos village

The cellar
( Kissamos )


Marias Taverna

  1. Managing Director
    Tamam ''In the center of Chania. A taste of Cretan cuisine'' * Ask for kebab with spicy sause. Address: Zambeliou 49, 73100, Chania Tel : 0030 282 109 6080
  2. Managing Director
    Marias Traditional Restaurant in Kato Stalos ''Near by the city of Chania, in Kato Stalos. A taste of Cretan cuisine'' Address: Kato Stalos, Chania Tel : 0030 282 106 8888
  3. Managing Director
    Filoxenia in Elos village (nearby Elafonisi) ''Near by Elafonisi, a family restaurant. You will taste the real Cretan cuisine'' * Ask for the daily traditional dishes and drink Retsina! Address: Elos village,Kissamos, Chania Tel : 0030 282 206 1322
  4. Managing Director
    The Cellar (Kissamos) The Cellar Tavern, established in 1992. They pride themselves on their friendly service, fantastic location and local Cretan cuisine, fresh fish and seafood. Specialties include many vegetarian Address: Kastelli Kissamos, Teloneio beach, 734 00 Kíssamos Tel : 0030 282 202 3700

Hersonissos City


David (Veggera)

  1. Managing Director
    Tsourlis ''Traditional Cretan restaurant'' Address: 60 Irinis rd, 70007, Stalís Tel : 0030 283 103 3317
  2. Managing Director
    David (Veggera) ''Traditional Cretan restaurant'' * Ask for choriatiki salad and fried courgettes. Address: Piskopiano Village, Hersonisos Tel : 0030 283 104 2496

Rethymnon perfecture

Musses in Plakias

Taverna tou Zisi



  1. Managing Director
    Taverna tou Zisi Taverna Zisis operating since 1972 once the grandfather Zisis and the grandmother Chryssoula created a traditional taverna for the families of Rethymnon and their social events. Address:Maxis Kritis 63, Misiria, 74100, Rethymo Tel: 0030 283 102 8814
  2. Managing Director
    ''Traditional Cretan restaurant'' Address: Titou Petinaki 15, Old town 74100, Rethymno Tel : 0030 283 102 0550
  3. Managing Director
    Korfi ''Traditional Cretan restaurant Panoramic view of Rethymnon'' Address: Kourmouli Street 74100, Rethymno Tel : 0030 283 105 1045
  4. Managing Director
    Musses in Plakias ''Traditional Cretan restaurant'' Address: Agiou Vasiliou, 74060 Plakiás Tel : 0030 283 203 1469



Family Pizza


  1. Managing Director
    Family Pizza 25 year's experience in cooking their pizzas in their traditional wood oven. Address: Tzami square, 72200, Ierapetra Tel : 0030 284 202 2363
  2. Managing Director
    Kivotos restaurant Quite restaurant next to the sea. Tasty food, traditional tastes. * Ask for ''kolokithokeftedes'' (courgettes balls). Address: Drandaki Lioudaki, 72200, Ierapetra Tel : 0030 284 208 9309
  3. Managing Director
    Pelagos Restaurant ''By the sea Cretan restaurant'' Address: Koutsounari 72200, Lasithi, Greece Tel : 0030 284 206 1263

Istro village and Sitia restaurants

Panorama (Istro)

Zygos ( Istro )

Zorbas ( Sitia )

  1. Managing Director
    Panorama (Istro) ''Nice restaurant, nice atmosphere and good prices '' Address: Opposite Voulisma Beach, Istron, 721 00 Tel : 0030 284 106 1288
  2. Managing Director
    Zygos (Istro) ''On the large BBQ you can have lamb or other meat. Do not miss it if you pass Istron.'' Address: Kalo Horio, Ιstron, Crete 721 00
  3. Managing Director
    Zorbas (Sitia) ''Zorbas Restaurant is well known for their famous cretan cookery and olive oil. Address: the promenade of Sitia
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