Check list for your trip to Crete

Check List
  1. Documents to travel
    - Passport: it must not expire sooner than 6 months from yours return date. - Visa: If you come from a country that Greece requires visa for entry. - Driver license: If you want to rent a car to explore the island.
  2. Money for your trip
    - Some cash money. - Credit or Debit cards: Check if the expire date is soon. Call your bank to tell them that you will visit Greece, in this way you will be sure that your cards are ok to use them.
  3. Tickets & Reservation
    - Airline ticket - Boat tickets - Any of the tickets you have booked. - Hotel reservation - Car reservation etc. Print them or make a screen shot on your mobile phone.
  4. Medicine
    - Find out if your medicine is available at your destination.
  5. Insurance
    - Check if your insurance covers you in case of an emergency in Greece. - Check if it is needed to bring some documents with you to Crete. - If your insurance does not cover you check about the travel insurances. - Car insurance: If you travel with your car to Crete, check if your insurance covers you when you drive abroad.
  6. Clothes etc.
    - Shorts, - T-shirts - 2 swimsuits (for to spend all the day to the beach) - Sandals - Sports shoes to explore the island - One jacket in case of cold nights - Trousers - Sunglasses For womens some dresses for the cretan nights.