Domaine Paterianakis

Domaine Paterianakis
Experience wine production through natural and unsoiled processes through one of the unique vertical production line in Crete.
- Learn how we organically cultivate and how an authentic organic wine is produced from the first winery in Crete that adopt organic cultivation.
- Walk, smell and gaze our vineyards while trying premium wines with strong personality internationally awarded and acknowledged.
- Taste some of the most elegant wine varietes around the world, here in the distinct island of Crete.
- Familiarize yourselves with alternative wine tourism, chalet wine tasting, traditional treats and sare your memories.
This is the philosophy of Domaine Paterianakis.

  1. Operating hours
    Monday - Wednesday: 10 am - 5 pm If operating hours does not fit with your schedule we will do our best possible adjustment
  2. Address
    Melesses, Municipality of Archanes - Asterousia.
  3. Food
    You can taste the traditional cretan bread and cretan cheese by local producers. If you want you can ask for a full menu. It will be cooked into a traditional wood oven.
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