Cretan Diet

The history of Cretan Diet:

Until recently in the history of humanity , the various populations were dependent of food witch was available in their near environment. The food it was dependent of the climatic and ecological conditions of each area.That was the reason why different populations were grow up with different eating habits and also the reason why the different types of diet appeared.

The importance of Cretan Diet was identified in the 60's after the ''Seven Countries Study''. This study was done by Ancel Keys before 1960 . That was the period when the Cretan Diet connected with health for the reason of low rates of mortality and low rates of cardiovascular disease in Crete.

Cretan Diet provide energy , vitality and wellness. Because this Diet has not so much body fat , body weight is more appropriate. Many studies also show that this diet is the best prevention of Cancer, Diabetes and heart disease. Olive oil , fishes, fruits, cereals, legumes, and dairy in Crete are of excellent quality and they provide all the necessary nutrients, vitamins, minerals that will ensure the optimum physical and mental development of all the people in every age.

Cretan- Mediterranean Diet

Frequency Food Comments

  Red meat No more than few times per month

  Eggs Less than 4 per week,including those in processed food
  Fishes Few times per week
  Poultry white meat few times per week

  Cheese and Yogurt Choose low fat varieties
  Olive Oil 
  Fruits At least a serving at every meal
  Vegetables At least a serving at every meal
  Beans, legumes, nuts
  Bread, Pasta, Rise, 
  Cereals and Potatoes 
  Wine No more that 1 glass for women and 2 for men
  Water More that 6 glasses per week
  Physical activities 30 minutes per day it will help the heart and also the 

The way of life in the period in which we are living now, the fast pace of life and the stress do not help people to follow this Diet.
Fast food and easy food is in our life if not every single day, then 3-4 times per week. School must help to this problem.
Children must be informed for this way of life. It will help every country to reduce the rate of obesity and also will help people to overcome and prevent serious illnesses.