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Elafonisi beach, Chania

Elafonisi beach

The beach of Elafonisi is and remains the dream destination at the extreme South- West corner of Crete.  Despite its numerous snack bars and the ‘’rental  umbrellas’’ , the atmosphere is  still impressive  - especially in the afternoon when the sun goes down- !
Five Kilometers before Elafonisi, an intermediate stop at the monastery of Chrissoskalitissa, the monastery with the ‘’ Golden stair’’ .
The road to Elafonisi is not so easy to drive there. Today, even in the low season, dozens of rental cars and buses find their way there, from Paleochora boats come over. It is an easier and more nice way to get there.
A positive thing of this development is that the hygienic situation has improved after the arrival of the snack bars operators. Toilets have been built , garbage, glass have become rare on the beach. For now, pedal boats go through the lagoon, the main beach is full with sun umbrellas and the music from the taverns is heard all over the beach, even if you do not like it…
You can escape from this noisy place if you walk in the water , far away from the coast, although some times feels that it is a walk. Good to see is from 4 pm when the buses leave the parking lots and now…. REST…
Overnight accommodations are now available. Tents are also available on the beach.
Busses depart daily from the north coast ( Chania, Kissamos).
  1. Elafonisi beach
  2. Elafonisi beach
  3. Elafonisi beach

Agia Marina

Agia Marina is a long beach at the gates of Chania.
First impression: only a long series of hotels, apartments, taverns, bars and supermarkets along the coast road. But the visitor also can discover the quite nice taverns in the old town center on the hill as well as the beautiful and long beach. Opposite is the small island Agii Theodori, to which also boats are offered.

    Koraka beach

    Is situated about half way between Fragokastelo and Plakias, Kato rodakino is separated by a gorge ( 2 kilometers ) , of Ano Rodakino.
    The roughly 400m wide, almost shadow less sand beach is still very rarely visited. Because of some rocks in the water, is recommended for bathing the for swimming the east part, where behind the cliffs, a small bay is hidden. Follow the asphalt road at the other side of the beach and you will find some nice, quite little beaches.
    1. Koraka beach

    Kedrodasos beach (cedar forest)

    Kedrodasos is not one of the most famous visits of tourists in Crete but without doubt is one of the most beautiful places in Crete. It is located approximately 2 Km east of Elafonisi. The road to get there is not so easy. You need a car like jeep to drive there without problems. When you arrive there is a parking place and then you need to walk down a path of 500 meters.. The sea…  and … a cedar forest along the coast. There are on the beach spots with sand where you can spread your towel but there are many rocks.
    If you like the camping you can spend the day there under the shade of the trees. The cedar wood is not grow quick so you have to take care of it. Do not use it for fire or for any other use.
    1. Kedrodasos beach

    Seitan Limania

    It is an incredible place and the distance from Chania is just 20 Km drive. It is near the airport of Chania. Before years it was not so famous this beautiful beach because of the road. It was not good to drive at all. If you take the road to airport and before the airport you have to turn left and drive towards the small village Chordaki . If you follow the signs to Rizoskloko you will find signs on the road which will drive you there. Is a 15 minutes walk path but is steep but not so difficult . and then you are in PARADISE.
    It would be grate if you bring with you some water and food because there is nothing you can find something to buy.
    1. Seitan limania

    Balos beach

    This view is unforgettable.
    Although there are no umbrellas and sun loungers to rent, there is a busy beach.
    It was compared with the Elafonisi.
    No words for this place. Just go there and admire the beauty.
    There are boats to go there and buses form Chania and Kissamos.
    To get there by car if it is not a jeep is really difficult and the insurances of most of the car rental companies do not cover if you go there by car.!!
    1. Balos beach
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